Are you a good mother?

Mothers are angels sent from above with so much love and strength. They hold themselves and their families together and give them the energy to fight everything. Do you want to know if you are a good mother or not? then take this quiz to get an answer to this question.

Am I a good parent?

Every mother has this question in their mind constantly ringing that are they a good parent or not. Every parent always wants good for their children no matter how hard they are. And if you are having this question and it's troubling you a lot then this quick quiz to find out the answer. 


Good mother: do you think you are?

Are you also constantly thinking or get this question in your mind often that am a good part or not? then you need to stop here and take a quiz to answers as this is made for you to know that if you are a good mother or not. So don't think anymore and let the quiz do thee thinking. 


Yes, you are a good mother. You love your children and take care of them. You are strict where you need to be. 


No, you are not a good mother. You need to make some changes and try to be a little more gentle and caring.