How independent are you?

Every person should be independent as it gives us a sense of responsibility and respect for ourselves. Are you independent or not? this question can be only answered after you have taken this quiz.

Am I independent?

Being independent is an amazing feeling. It makes us feel good and it gives us a sense of pride as well. Do you know how independent are you? if you wish to get an answer to this question then you need to take this easy and simple quiz. 

How independent do you think you are?

You need to be independent to be able to pay your bills and fulfil your basic needs. This sense of responsibility is necessary for everyone. And if this comes from a young age it's just the best thing. Do you wish to know how independent are you? then take this quiz which is made for you to know how independent are you? 

Very independent

You are a very independent person who likes to pay all their bills on their own and save for the future as well. 

Not at all independent 

You are not at all independent. You spend your money on unnecessary things and not on the things that need to be taken care of by you. 

Just enough

You are just independent enough to fulfill the basic needs you sometimes need help from others.