Signs that you are in a toxic relationship

Signs that you are in a toxic relationship

The relationship you are in might be very toxic even if you deny the fact. Here are 7 signs that indicate that you are in a toxic relationship with your partner.

A relationship is always beautiful when both individuals have respect and understanding for each other. To clap both hands is required, in the same way, a relationship needs effort from both sides. When this effort is only from one side or none of the sides a beautiful relationship changes into a toxic one. A toxic relationship is a nightmare for everyone. These relationships are sometimes hard to see or realize.

A healthy relationship feels like a free love where you can be yourself but in a toxic relationship, you hardly remember when was the last time you both laughed together. There are a lot of signs of a toxic relationship and the definition differs from person to person. But mentioned below are the key signs of a toxic relationship. These are the 7 signs you are in a toxic relationship.

1. Lack of Support

In a healthy relationship, both are supportive of each other. No matter what, they are always standing together. But when things get toxic it is hard to see it. Instead of supporting each other, both become each other's reason for failure. You might be a supportive one and always encourage him/her for their future goals or works but you hardly see them doing it for you. Instead of appreciating how supportive you are, they blame you for their failure.

2. Lack of Communication

Communication is key in every relationship but when a relationship lacks communication it starts falling off. It is important to express how you feel and reflect on it as well as your partner. But you avoid communicating or talking to avoid any conflict. You fear that they might not understand or try to listen to you, so you stay quiet. Staying mum is not a solution for any problem but for the sake of your relations. This is so toxic that it could even take your inner peace away.

3. Controlling Behavior

Constantly asking your partner where they are and what they are doing is controlling behavior. They tell you want to do and what not to do. Taking away your independence they put on rules and regulations on you is also a controlling behavior. But the fact that they don't want to do things your way is a clear sign of toxicity. Making boundaries for someone's safety is healthy but if it's not even a requirement and just taking your freedom away is toxic. It is advisable to immediately leave that kind of relationship or work on it together to make it better.

4. Jealousy

When you see your love, some getting success in their goals and achieving what they always want to is a very overwhelming situation. Watching your loved one get to that place is so proud. But when you don't feel proud or are happy and instead you feel jealous then think twice if you love them. Jealousy itself is toxic. It gives a sense of competition and disappointment which is a sign of a toxic relationship. Encouraging each other and growing together is a healthy relationship whereas being unsupportive and jealous of one's achievement is a sign of toxicity.

5. Trying to Adjust

When you are in a relationship there are ups and downs. When we welcome someone in our life we should respect their preferences and adjust to their lifestyle as well and this should be done from both sides. But in a toxic relationship, you notice yourself trying to adjust even in the smallest situation. You don't say anything to avoid fights and you just wait for them to change. But you see nothing from the other side.

6. Unresolved Fights

A fight happens in all relationships and it's healthy as well. Disagreement is a sign you are open to your partner and share your view with them. But when you fight and hold a grudge on it is when it turns toxic. Giving more importance to your ego and instead of solving your fight together, you wait for the other person to bow in front of you, and if that is what makes you feel satisfied then your relationship is living in toxicity. An unresolved fight is a sign of a toxic relationship.

7. Dishonesty

Trust is a key to even starting a relationship. Without trust, a relationship never even exists. Being honest And loyal is a part of having trust in your partner. But when you lose the trust you start being insecure and possessive. Dishonesty is a source of lack of trust in a partner. If your partner is not honest with you then it is obvious that you are living in a toxic relationship. Nothing is sadder than to see your loved one going farther away from you. Every relationship starts with butterflies in the belly or blushes and excitement but sometimes it leads up to such a nightmare where we start living in a toxic relationship without us even knowing it. Toxic relationships not only spoil your relationship with the one you truly love but also ruins relationships with your friends and family. Self-care is destroyed in this kind of relationship. It is better to work on every toxicity of your relationship or end it there for good.

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