Best way to write tinder bio

Best way to write tinder bio

Do you also want to have a successful tinder date? then only one thing can get you to that and that is your tinder bio. Check out the best ways to write tinder bio to get swiped every time.

Tinder is the best stop to find that perfect match for you. But it seems like it's hard to get someone to start chatting with you? Have that ideal profile picture yet no progress? I guess it's time to pay a little more attention to your tinder bio. Mostly, tinder bios are not given much importance as they should be or you can say a bio could be a whole game changer. A great bio can increase the chance of getting more right swipes.

Girls are more sensitive towards choosing the right match, they don't only focus on the looks or the profile pictures but take their time to read the bio and then decide to swipe left/right. Guys on the other hand might give less attention to the bio and more to the profile picture but it does not mean that girls don't need to write a bio.

Irrespective of the gender tinder bio is important if you want to excellent your tinder game. But how to do so? How to have a perfect tinder bio which gives you more right swipe? Here we have amazing game-changer tinder bio tips and tricks.

Tinder Bio: Must Have

Profile picture

Okay, this might not come under a tinder topic but to be honest profile pictures are important. If your profile picture is not good enough, why would anyone bother to read your bio? So it's a good idea to change your profile first if it's not that appealing. As our eyes go on the profile picture first then the bio.

About yourself

The most important part of your Tinder bio is to include something about yourself. You should give some idea to the person reading it about who you are and what kind of personality you might have. Don't go on bragging about yourself and write a whole essay on yourself instead just give some hint about yourself. It will want the other person to know more about you.

What you are looking for

It's a good option to let the person know what your intentions are and what you are looking for. It gives them a clear picture of what kind of relationship you are looking for. If you want a serious relationship mention it, if you only want some hook up write it. It doesn't matter if the person reading your bio is interested in you or not, what matters is you being clear on your side. Make sure you make it look nice and tight and do not make it creepy.

Interesting Facts

It is always interesting to know someone's fun facts. Write about some crazy stuff you have done or any weird habit about you. Just make sure it's not creepy or gross. This makes you look a little more fun and can also lead you to get some new in boxes. Again, you need not have to write all the facts about you, it's boring but add at least 3. Three is the perfect number to keep in crisp and fun.


Well, it is the factor where most people are picky about. Some like short people, some like tall ones, and some just don't care. So, make sure you add it up in your bio. You must include your true height and not a made-up one, you don't want to disappoint some just because of your height. No matter how short or tall you are, honesty can win anybody's heart.

Tinder bio: things to keep in mind

Blank bio

This is why we are here. Never leave a blank bio. No matter how your profile picture might be, it can never do the work of bio. Writing up a tinder bio helps the person know about you a little, and if you vibe with them there you go with a right swipe.

Short & sweet

Tinder bio needs to be interesting and appealing with as much information as you can give but that does not mean you flood the bio. Having a short and crisp bio helps summarise everything at once and no one has to think twice before deciding to read it. Bio with 500 characters or less is the ideal size.

Catchy Phrases

Try to make your bio as catchy as possible. A basic bio is boring to read and also is not that comprehensible. Instead of just writing "I'm a foodie" try writing, "Always hunting for some delicious cuisine". Knowing how to play with words is always cool. Instead of going with " I have a dog", "I'm Vietnamese - German", go with " Yes my name is really "Long". I'm a mixed breed just like my ๐Ÿ• 75% Vietnamese and 25% German", it is one of the tinder bios. The guy over here just slays it.

Be Humorous, not Cheesy

Being a little sarcastic and witty is always sexy but not cheesy. Don't write those pickup lines on bios like " Can I follow you? Because my mom told me to follow your dream!", instead go like "I'm cute enough to take your breath away and smart enough to bring it back". Though, the second line is flirty but is also witty which makes them smile unlike that cheesy " follow my dream" one.

Avoid being Blunt

Being straightforward is good but not always. Avoid being blunt like, " Going to delete it anytime soon" instead write like "Would like to vibe with someone in here so that I could her/him somewhere nicer than this". Compare the two lines the second one sounds sweeter and warmer than the first one sounds uninterested and rude. Another example could be instead of, "I never text first" write, "I might be a slow responder but would never miss yours". The second one may sound a little flirty but it is way nicer than that egoist first line.

Don't Be Ashamed

Sometimes we come across the kind of bios which shows how shameful they are using the app which they should not be. Apps like tinders may be dating apps but what's so wrong trying to look for that perfect one in it, you never know where you meet your other half. There are a lot of stories of couples meeting for the first time on tinder so this means you don't have to be insecure about using it and be confident


It is always good to mention your intention for the kind of relationship you are up for. This will narrow down the people and give them a clear picture of what you want. If you are up for a serious relationship mention it, if you are only up for hookups then mention that too. Mentioning the type of relationship you want will make the right person swipe right. You don't have to even bother explaining your intentions to every person.

Avoid Negativity & 'All'

You want to write a tinder bio that could help you get more right swipes and make anybody run away for you. Do not advertise your flaws on bio or try to mention something too specific, it sounds rude and insensitive. Like don't write, " I'm a bad dancer", "I'm a little moody", " I like red-headed people" or "I prefer guys taller than 6'" and so on. These are some judgemental negative mentions.

It is also better to avoid sentences with "all" like "I love everyone" or "I'm down for everything". Using "all" can make you seem like you are not trustworthy. Like how would someone love everyone? Or how can you be down for everything? What if the person wants you to do something which you hate?


"Honesty is the best policy". As always said, never use lies just to impress someone. It's useless because even if you made someone fall for you by being dishonest, they will never like you but your lies. Doesn't matter if it is good or bad there will always be someone who will love you for who you are. Even if you started it just for fun, what if you like someone there, isn't it better to be ready for everything before time?

Open-ended question

At the end of your bio, it is advisable to add an open-ended question that will increase the chance of not only right-swiping but also messages for answering your questions. It is because smart work is better than hard work. 

Grammar & Spelling

After you are done with that perfect tinder bio one more thing is left to check to give that finishing touch that is checking whether or not you have any mistakes in your writing. Make sure you keep all the things mentioned in mind and ace your tinder bio because no one can stop you from getting the right swipe. Who would let go of such an amazing tinder bio-ed person, right?

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