Philosophical questions

Philosophical questions

Philosophical questions are whose answers are rational, honest disagreement, and ultimate. Here are the 60 best philosophical questions to ask someone.

Philosophical questions are the best to boost your thinking and take your mind to critical thoughts. Philosophical questions don't have defined answers and answers for every question vary from person to person. Hence, it helps you think critically. You can either ask these questions to yourself or discuss them with friends. Intercepting is important hence these questions help you do it easily. You can also take down these questions in front of your friends, colleagues, or family and see what there is on each topic or question. It also helps know little about a person as to how they think. It is a great way to start a deep long discussion with the group. Remember while answering these questions there are no wrong answers to it but many ends of it. We got you some deep and serious questions as well as funny ones.

Philosophical Questions: Funny

1. Why does milk go bad outside the refrigerator but not inside the cow?

2. When you go to a movie in a theater, out of those two arms which ones are yours and which ones of the person next to you?

3. Why is facial hair a problem for women but not their eyebrows?

4. What hair color is written on the license card of a bald person?

5. Why is the lid of the coffin nailed down?

6. Why do women open their mouths while applying mascara?

7. If wools are meant to shrink after getting in contact with water then why don't sheep shrink after getting wet in rain?

8. Why is the word sucker used as slang but consider lollipop to be good?

9. Why is a mustache considered attractive on men but the same as gross on women?

10. Why are there no seat belts on buses but airplanes?

11. Which came first, the egg or the chicken?

12. If time travel is possible in the future then do you think you already met a traveler?

13. Do you think dogs can understand our language?

14. If by the time our pets understand our language then why can't we understand them?

15. Do you think animals fall in love?

16. Why do you think humans are the only species wearing clothes?

17. If dogs are considered to be the smarted animals and can identify who is bad and good then you think we humans are stupid?

18. Plants have life but do you think they feel pain?

19. Are clowns funny or scary?

20. What would you do if the doll you are keeping with you is haunted?

Philosophical Questions: Serious/ Deep

1. If we are the citizens of an independent country then why do we still struggle with our freedom?

2. Can you kill 100 people just to save 1?

3. Why don't we bother to take our exams seriously but pray to get a pass?

4. If sadness never existed do you think we would value our happiness?

5. After you die what do you think will happen to your soul?

6. If death is something that can only be experienced once and the person who died can't give explanations for his experience then how is it possible to have so many theories about it?

7. Do you think you can change your future or it's already written?

8. Are you ready to kill as many people as you have to, to save that one precious person to you?

9. If we never saw a God then why do we believe in him?

10. If a person came back to life do you think that it was fate or a miracle?

11. Do you think that how you see yourself in the mirror or picture is the same way people see you?

12. Do you think we humans or any other animals have souls?

13. Do you think that demons were once a human soul or are they another species of the soul?

14. Why do you think we are alive?

15. Where do you think you were when you were not born?

16. If past life is true then why can't we remember it, isn't it a part of us?

17. How do you think this whole thing called the world started?

18. If we humans define that everyone's life as precious then why are we the ones with so much discrimination?

19. Which one is better: logical thinking or practical thinking?

20. How would you define bad without good?

Philosophical Questions: Hard

1. What is Love?

2. If you like music, how would you describe it?

3. Is the meaning of life the same for humans and animals?

4. Do you think organ donation should be a compulsion?

5. If we all humans are the same then why are there still so many countries without democracy?

6. Why do people think that getting life lessons is important to have a great life but do not apply the same theory at schools?

7. Do you think stressing about grades and academics is so important when you don't eve know what you would become in the future?

8. Do you think time travel is possible?

9. Do you think the fictional superheroes are real, hiding their true personality?

10. Is it more important to have choices in life or just knowing what is good for you but enough?

11. Is justice more important than mercy?

12. "Tit or Tat" is a famous phrase but do you think it's legit?

13. Do you think the family has a big impact on shaping a child's personality?

14. Do you think a child without parents is not going to be a good person in the future and will be neglected?

15. Do you think friends are the biggest influence on you to learn new habits (good or bad)?

16. If you are doing something good for everyone but to do it, you need to break the rules? Will you do it?

17. We all jokingly say that "Rules are made to break", do you think it's legit?

18. How much do you care for society? (Stereotyping thinking)

19. What is self-esteem?

20. What do you think about the concept of changing oneself for someone else?

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