Signs that you are friend zoned

Signs that you are friend zoned

Are you also in a dilemma that your friend-zoned or not or if you down know what is friend-zone then check out the 10 signs from which you can easily make out if your friend-zoned or not?

Friendzone, huh? I could be a little harsh if you don't see the signs too early. Imagine you have this amazing friend of yours and you happen to really like them but the thing is you are not sure about their feelings. But you try hard to impress them in every way possible and sometimes it feels like they are impressed, then again it just feeds away. You are confused about their feelings, right? What if in the end after trying so hard you realize that they just don't like you, like the way you want them to. So, to avoid that, what are the signs you should look out for? Or how to know if your hardships are worth it or not? Don't worry, we covered you up with these key signs of being a friend zone.

What is Friendzone?

Being friend-zoned means that your friend does not like you more than just a friend when you have a strong feeling towards them. No matter how much you try you just don't happen to see the progress in your relationship. It really stings to know that you are in a friend zone. But if you know the signs of being in a friend zone then it might help you to warn yourself a little early. I know it hurts but if you can see the sign beforehand it can save you some time! There are many signs of being in a friend zone but these 10 signs are the keys to know if you are already friend-zoned.

1. They are Way Too Comfortable With you!

It is normal to get shy in front of a person you like even if you are old friends with yourself. But if that's not the case then it's a piece of bad news. If your crush is way too comfortable with you like they talk about everything with you without any hesitation or are okay to go and fool around with you then it's a sign that they consider you only a friend.

2. They Come to you For Any Love Advice

Are you his/her love adviser? Think nicely, does he/she only come to you to share about her love life? If they have a crush they come telling you about them, if any exciting thing happens in their love life come telling you not only that but they also come to you if they are having any problem regarding relationships. It is a clear sign they probably have nothing like that for you.

3. Plans With You Is Equals To Plan With the Squad

If you guys are good friends means you both have similar hangout squads. So, when she comes to you making exciting plans unfortunately she means a plan with whole squads. Like if he/she asks you for a movie and later it is the whole squad in the theater. By any chance, if it's only two of you out somewhere, it's only a fun hangout with their best buddy and not a date.

4. You Have a Broad Shoulder for Them

Whenever something bad happens they come running to you and do not hesitate to cry in front of you and also share everything without. You might think that they come to you because they trust you and have faith in you, which could be the first step towards a romantic relationship between you two, right? But think again if they really like you in that way then why would they come to you when they want to cry? I mean if they have a crush on you then wouldn't they want to show more of their brighter side or stronger side instead of that depressed crying one.

5. They Try To Set You Up With Someone Else

I really hate telling you this but if they are trying to set you up with someone else then it is a clear sign that you should just stop. Why would somebody try to set up their crush with someone else? If your crush introduces you to other people and tries to find you that perfect match I think you should just accept it because you are already friend-zoned by your crush and it's time to focus on someone else.

6. There Family Knows About You

If your crush's family knows about you and you have a frequent visit to their home then in that guess even your crush's family friend-zoned you. They just think that you are good friends with them and trust you in the same way as your crush.

7. That Brother Thing

Most of the guys have a problem with this. Has your crush ever called you her brother? Like "oh, he is like my brother!" it's annoying right but it's true as well. If you have become a brother thing to her then just stop, like how much you want to get hurt, huh?

8. Touching Was Never An Issue

Is your crush okay if you guys hug or hold hands? It is normal to get nervous with even a little physical contact with your crush right? But if your crush is cool with it and doesn't seem to have any problem then again it is bad news. If you have not noticed it before then try noticing the next time you meet. If your skinship is amazing then your feelings need to be slain. Because blushing is important for that spark that I see missing.

9. You have that Quirky Nickname

We all have that quirky nicknames for our loved ones but if you are crushing on someone you don't want them to piss because of that nick man. If they don't have any problem giving you weird names then you are blessed with amazing friends.

10. You End Up Doing Things He/She Wants

There has been a time when your crush wants to do things that you wanted? If yes, then there is a chance, and if no then I'm sorry. When we like someone we care about their liking and disliking. We do things that they want to do because we want to see them happy and that is why you end up doing things according to their liking. If we don't have such strong feelings then we give out opinions and convince them to do things our way. I know this is frustrating but the truth is bitter. If you see these signs then it might be time to respect your friendship over your feelings because if you really love someone then their happiness should matter the most than yours. But if some signs are missing then you still have a chance. Whatever it is just make sure to be happy anyway because it is not the end.

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