Signs you might be in toxic reationship

Signs you might be in toxic reationship

Do you also feel weird vibed from your friends? then this might be an indication that you are in a toxic friends group. Check out these 10 signs that show you might have a toxic friendship with your friends.

Having friends around you is bliss and a friendship is a very special relationship between people which does not need any validity. A romantic relationship might fail due to caste and religion but a friendship doesn't have any boundaries. A friend is an ultimate place to find peace and joy. You laugh, cry, struggle and grow together. No matter what's going on in your life a friend is an escape through it. A friendship is a relationship that ensures a lower risk of mental as well as physical health concerns. But what if it's all the opposite? Toxicity is never the right answer for any kind of relationship.

You might have heard about a toxic romantic relationship but a toxic friendship is the worst of all. You might overlook the signs because of your love and care towards them but toxicity should never be acceptable. When a friendship becomes a headache to you it's better to cut all the ties before it tortures you more.

There are a lot of signs to determine a toxic friendship as everyone has their own way of violating relations but these are the key signs or common signs to identify if you have a toxic friend and you are in a toxic friendship. If any signs match your relationship with your friend then it's time to re-evaluate your friendship. So, these are the 10 signs you might be in a toxic friendship. 

1. It's Only About Them

A person who is always around you with things are not going as per their wish and they need you to make things right. Friends who are there with you either when they need you or when you are throwing a party. Some people are selfish enough to come looking for you when. A friend who is constantly talking about themselves and never bothers to ask you if everything's fine with you or not. Watching out for friends who are always ready to laugh with you but never comfort you when you need is a big red signal. 

2. They Never Apologise And Even If They Do They

Don't Mean It Everyone makes a mistake and everybody has a chance to reflect on their mistakes which starts from apologizing for them. But if a person doesn't even bother to say sorry for what they did then it simply means that they don't care about you at all. We never want to hurt those who are very close to us and we do anything to compensate for those mistakes. But do you have a friend who doesn't even care what they did wrong to you and never apologize or even if they do it's just for the show and they don't even mean a word? If there is but after every sorry they say it's just for the show and better to cut ties with those people. 

3. Put You Down

Friends are meant to have fun with. We do make fun of our friends and laugh along, which is not toxic at all. But when a friend starts picking up things they know you don't like talking and is not something to joke around then that's not a good sign. A friend who always puts you down and encourages your insecurity is not even worthy of the word friend. You don't feel comfortable around them just because they mock you around people with words they shouldn't be saying. A true friend is someone who helps you overcome your fears and insecurities but a toxic friend does nothing but makes things worse. 

4. Jealous

Jealousy in any form is never a gold gesture. Jealousy encourages anger which leads to sin. Having a jealous friend is always a big no. It's better to have enemies than to have toxic friends. If your friend is jealous of what you got or what you do then it's a clear sign to re-examine your friendship.

5. Competitive

Having a competitive nature is good because it helps one to grow faster and keep motivated. But competition is always not a good option if it's not healthy. Especially as friends you should be encouraging each other and celebrate each other's success instead of obsessing over failures and others' success. A friend who can not bear your achievements is never a friend.

6. Do Not Respect Your Boundaries 

7. Not TrustWorthy

Trust is a foundation for any kind of relationship but when it is being violated, with no doubt one should start re-evaluating that relationship. Have you ever heard things about yourself from people you don't remember sharing with them? As said earlier friends are the escape from all the dramas in your life and you share things with them which you would not share with anybody else. But the friend you trust is roaming around gossiping about you. Slip of the tongue is legit and understandable but every time it's not a slip but but every time it's not a slip but a spill. It's better not to expect any real loyalty from gossip queens because they are legit toxic.

8. Copy You Or Try To Change You

We love to copy people we have respect and love for like we all copy our mother or father. But copying is not always a sign of respect, it could be a sign of disrespect as  Everything has its limit and once you cross the boundaries it starts looking ugly. If a friend of yours is trying to copy everything of you it simply means they are jealous of you and want to be better than you. If you notice that your friend is secretly copying you, you should watch out for it.

If they are not copying you then they might be trying to change you. A friend teaches you to love yourself and build up your confidence but if a person is trying to change you or telling you to be something you are not it's not a good sign.

9. You Feel Lonely

Friends are meant to blow away your isolated emotions and give you company making sure you are not alone and they will always be there for you. But even after having a best friend you still feel lonely and uncomfortable around them, and it's an obvious sign of having a toxic friendship. Their absence might make you feel more secure than their presence.

10. Your Other Relationships Are Suffering

A toxic friend is always obsessive and needy and might even lie to gain sympathy and attention which ultimately neglects your relationships with other people. Your friend might always crave your attention and time but that only means that they are jealous of your relationship with other people which is not acceptable. If one relationship neglects all the others it's better not to have it.

A friendship might be bliss but a toxic one is a curse. The earlier you cut the ties the better it is for you. Even after noticing all these signs, you might choose to overlook it because you care and love them so much but a toxic friend is a selfish one who always puts themselves first and doesn't even bother if they hurt them. Self-care is important so choosing yourself is the key. You will get a lot of friends who are worthy of that love and care but not the toxic ones. You can talk to them and try to make things better and normal but if it didn't work even after that then it is a call for shutting everything down.

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