Small talks questions

Small talks questions

Small talk is an informal type of chat that does not cover any functional topics of conversation. Here are some of the best small talk questions to ask anyone.

It's always very awkward just to sit without talking about anything because you are not that close to each other or just got to know them. Extroverted people just find their way out of that situation but the fact that everyone's not that outgoing. Are shy with new people but still want to talk and overcome that weakness? Well, small talk is the best medicine for it. Small talks are very simple and always act as an ice-breaker. Asking small talk questions helps build a bond and interest if you want to do so. It is not boring and is so simple that you don't have to brainstorm about it. But how to do so?

There are some amazing small talk questions you can ask anybody. We have both these excellent topics that you can talk about on your next encounter of that awkwardness.

Small Talk: Entertainment Questions

It is an entertaining topic to talk about as suggested by the word. It's not boring at all as there are so many things you can talk about. Like, you can talk or ask them about movies, songs, singers, tv shows, podcasts, etc. People can just keep talking about it. Many questions you can ask like:

● What's your favorite movie?

● Have you watched [name of the movie]? It's so interesting.

● Do you listen to [singer's name]? I listen to him/her too. Want to listen to some of his/her songs?

● Do you like to listen to podcasts? I listen to [name of the podcast], you should try once it's amazing.

● Did you watch that [tv show]? Yesterday was so hilarious.

And so on. Just make sure you don't talk about the things they don't like or enjoy, find something in common, and talk about it.

Small Talk: Sports Questions

Another topic you can talk about is sports. Sport is something everybody doesn't like but if they do then nothing is better to talk about but sports. Ask about their favorite sports or how athletic they are, if you know about it then discuss some of its facts but if you don't, ask them to tell more about it. This makes them comfortable and franker, not only that but even get to learn about new things. Physical sports are not only things you can talk about but also virtual ones.

Questions can be like:

● Are you interested in any of the sports? I like [sports name].

● When was the last time you played it?

● Do you play any video games? I play [name].

● I'm not much aware of it, want to tell me more?

● The Olympics are so exciting and nerve-racking, right? I heard [some facts about the Olympics]

Small Talk: Weather Question

The topic might be very cliché but it is a very good topic to talk about. Weather is a kind of topic where you don't have to think much about it or worry about the other person if they like to talk about it or not. It is very casual and a good starter.


● It's such good weather, right?

● Doesn't it seem like it's going to rain today?

● What were you doing during the storm yesterday? It was scary, right?

● Did you bring your umbrella? It might rain?

● What is your favorite among all the seasons?

Make sure to talk a little about the weather. Remember, it is a starter so don't start a whole theory about it.

Small Talk: Food Questions

Who doesn't like food? Everybody does. Try talking about the food you had yesterday or the new dish you made. Ask for suggestions and new dishes, it makes you look interesting.


● Did you go to that new restaurant? It looked nice.

● Do you like cooking at home?

● What is your all-time favorite dish to order?

● Do you know any new restaurants? What did you like the most over there?

● What is your best suggestion for lunch? I guess I need to change my menu.

Try to avoid negative talk. Like talking about foods, you don't enjoy or judge their taste. It will just ruin the whole conversation.

Small Talk: Family Questions

Talking about family is always comfortable as well as most asked topics. It helps in knowing the person better in that small time. Just try to avoid asking too personal questions and keep it casual.


● What do your parents do?

● Do you have siblings?

● Do you stay with your family?

● Are everybody's siblings annoying? Mein is just like a monkey. (laugh)

● How often do you go to meet them?

Small Talk: Work/Hobby Questions

It is a good thing to ask about someone's workday and a hobby is an interesting topic to talk about. Work and hobbies could be contrasting topics to talk about at once but being asked in the right way makes all the difference. Ask about the work first which could be a little stressful because 24/7 jobs are tiring. Then talk about their hobbies, which is something one can do anything that they want to and talk about it makes them relax a bit. Just avoid negative talks about the work and keep it light.


● So, what do you do for a living?

● Did you always want to do it?

● What do you do to relax from all this stress?

● What do you enjoy doing the most and can do anytime when asked to?

● Are you serious? Even if I like it, let's do it together one day.

Things you should avoid in small talks

Small talk is not any hard and fast rule. It is simple and comforting but sometimes even that simple thing makes the whole conversation awkward again. There are some things to keep in mind before you start any small talk with anyone. Don't worry, it is not a difficult thing to remember but it is very basic.

Avoid: Personal Topics

No matter whether you know them or not, asking too many private questions could be inappropriate. Like talking about marriage, kids, family issues, health issues or past relationships, etc. These are things you share with your close ones, not with someone you barely know.

Avoid: Financial Topics

Don't dig around the financial stability of that person or how much he/she earns or how wealthy their parents are. No matter how big-shot a person might look but talking about money is just no, no, it gives a bad impression of you. Let's say you somehow know they have some financial issues going on but this does not mean you start offering them the favor when they haven't even talked about it. It might be a kind gesture of helping them but of them, it's something to feel ashamed of.

Avoid: Bad-Mouthing

When you know someone for some time and are not that comfortable enough with each other, it's better to avoid any negative comments on someone or gossip. Avoiding bad-mouthing others does not only helps keep a good impression but can also keep you safe. Just think you know that person that well and what if you are gossiping about someone who turns out to be their close colleague, friend, or relatives.

Avoid: Political Topic

Well, a political topic could be an interesting one if both of you like it and if not then it's better to avoid it. These are some serious topics which are not liked by everyone and could be boring if they don't know anything about it. What if both of you enjoy politics but support different parties? That would be a weird situation, right?

Avoid: Appearance

Never talk about appearance on the first date. Complimenting about their looks and style could be a good one but talking about how slim or fat they look could be awkward. Many people are conscious about the so-called beauty standards and lecturing them about self-love won't be that helpful from a barely known person.

Avoid: Clinging

Small talks are all about a common interest. It is interesting only when both parties know or like talking about that topic. If they don't know or like something it's better to stop talking about the topic right there, unless they ask for it. Just because you like something doesn't mean you cling to it.

So, these were the top topics you can always include or exclude in your small talks. We hope the next time you face the same awkward situation, you could overcome it by just using these simple few tips. Remember the best way to keep your small talk question game going is to skip all the uncommon things and only talk about what both the parties enjoy.

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